Quick Fact Sheet

Developer: Cohort Studios Ltd, based in Caerphilly, South Wales, UK.

Team : Darran Thomas - Game Director, Conrad Nelson - Art Director, David Griffiths - Games Programmer, Rhys Thomas - Games Programmer.

Release Date: April 18th, 2013

Platforms: iOS 6.0, recommended iPad2 and iPhone4s and up, optimsied for retina displays.

Price: Free to play with in app purchases.

Features explained

Concept overview

Cirkits: Toy Robot Racing involves state-of-the-art toys that every inner child would love to get their hands on in real life, semi-autonomous robots that are super quick and agile. The fiction is that these actually exist and players can take their robots and race them on tracks set up in green screen studios.

Render of the track mocked up in a green screen room

Brief history

Cirkits is Cohort Studios second game for iOS, the first being Me Monstar: Hear me Roar! a port of its Playstation minis title available for PSP, PS3 and PS Vita, that was nominated for a Scottish Bafta.

Cirkits has been in production since the start of November 2012 having relocated to Wales earlier in the year from Dundee, and is part funded by the Welsh Governments Digital Development Fund. http://business.wales.gov.uk/digitaldevelopment


A screenshot of the game taken on iPad 3 using Gizmo Robot

A screenshot of the game taken on iPad 3 using Gunhead Robot

A screenshot of the game taken on iPhone4S using Gizmo Robot

A screenshot of the game taken on iPhone 5 using Gizmo Dark Robot


Cirkits Toy Robot Racing Main Logo


Cirkits Game Logo as it appears on iOS


Cohort Studios Logo